Airbus patents a modern-day mass torture device to dissuade low income travelers.

Just when you think commercial airlines can’t make the experience any worse.

Just when you think commercial can't make the experience any worse and more degrading, the company, Airbus, comes to the rescue with its latest “treat customers like cattle” innovation. It's wholly original because no caring or humane person would ever come up with something so despicable.

The New Airbus innovation is really just a gussied up Medieval torture apparatus.

Fuck the poor!

If an airline doesn't want to waste its time with low-profit customers — but doesn't want to blatantly discriminate against them — airlines need a way to make the poor choose to take the instead. And Airbus has come up with a great way to inspire low-income travelers to never, ever fly. 

The rack.

The French manufacturer recently patented a seating configuration that borders on the sadistic. Innocuously called “SEATING DEVICE COMPRISING A FORWARD-FOLDABLE BACKREST,” this patent lacks only a mechanism for repairing the damaged spines it will undoubtedly cause anyone who spends more than 10 minutes in it. , the medieval rack sounds more comfortable…and people often die at the end.

“Airbus files hundreds of patents each year – this is what innovative companies do. Many patents never become reality, and there is no expectation that this would.”

Airbus media relations

Whether it ever becomes manufactured and if any airlines adopt it remains to be seen. But judging by the other insults travelers have had to deal with, I certainly wouldn't bet against seeing this seating configuration in a plane near you soon. 

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