A weekend in Gainesville, FL.


I recently drove to Gainesville, home of Tom “I look like I could kick off any minute” Petty, to see what they call Gator Growl '92. This is one of the scariest you will ever see. Over 60,000 people filled the University of for what was billed as a pep rally prior to their homecoming game against Louisville (which they won, 31-7).

In reality, it was a young Republican bonding session.

To give you an idea of the enormity of this event, they had three giant screen monitors which they played rather expensive network TV quality 3-D computer graphics. As well as student produced skits of the Weekend Update on SNL nature.

A half dozen or more lasers, spotlights, fog machines and pyrotechnics were scattered all around the stadium. In addition, they had booked comedians Larry Miller and that guy from “In Living Color”, I forget his name (he sucked) to perform.

But, the kicker came when both presidential candidates, George and Bill, gave brief personal statements to the Gators. When Clinton spoke, the entire crowd booed. But, when Bush talked, the crowd went nuts.

Never in my life have I been that close to 60,000 drunk Republicans, and that far from the exit doors.

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