A pumpkin-free Halloween.


In Tampa, they've got this thing called Guavaween. It happens every Halloween and it's basically an excuse for about 200,000 deviant, twisted individuals to express their personal sexual preferences by dressing up and parading up and down 7th Avenue in Ybor City (the alternative area of Tampa). Everyone wore something black. But that's not very unusual for these people. They think they're from NYC. They're the kind of teens whose lives are perfect and parents are rich. So when they feel that rebellious teen angst, they reject their suburban existence by dying their blond hair black, dressing in all black and living on the seedy side of town and denouncing their parent's wealth. (At least until rent is due.)

Still, they throw a mean street party. It's really not much different from drunken Halloween street parties we've all been to before, but being in puts a unique twist on it. Even though it's to most of you, it's still hot down here and so the females aren't exactly wearing full-length wool coats, if you catch my drift. I think you know what I mean, and I think you should have been here to see it. Oh, sure there were the loud, obnoxiously drunk transplants from Georgia, but they were busy fighting amongst themselves, breaking bottles over their own heads or trying to get women to lift up their shirts. All very entertaining and highly recommended.

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