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The CrosbyReport Occasional Email Newsletter Thing

Is your life a drab, colorless existence devoid of all hope and joy? Then sign up for my Occasional Email Newsletter Thing. Why? Because it’s the only newsletter out there that won’t depress you with breaking updates about politics or current events. Is it really a “newsletter” then? Why you gotta be so narrow-minded, bro?

So what is the CrosbyReport Occasional Email Newsletter Thing?

Good question, me. The CrosbyReport Occasional Email Newsletter Thing (aka, CROENT) is an email that I send out occasionally—I say “occasionally” because I need a hard deadline to get anything done.

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Is the CROENT exclusively about travel?

No. In fact, travel is just a lens I use to shine a light on human truths as well as help Google send me relevant web traffic.

Will there be a lot of serious, hard-hitting journalism?

None at all, actually. That is my promise to you, my esteemed reader. Instead, you’ll get laughs, or at least smirks, or maybe just that thing where you think something is funny, but you don’t outwardly acknowledgement it because you worry it’ll expose a lack of discrimination on your part that could potentially undermine your future career prospects and/or relationships with high-status life-partners.

Will there be any cartoons?

Probably, yeah.