A gift for the traveler who has everything, including sinus congestion.

A woman with clogged ears.

Do you have someone on your holiday gift list who suffers from “airplane ear,” a condition where nasal mucus blocks air flow through the eustachian tubes when there’s a pressure imbalance between their middle ear and the air around them?

Who doesn’t, amiright?

Well, now the scienticians at AirFrance have developed a high-tech, non-invasive, and orally administered solution to this sound-muffling issue.

They call it, simply “La Gomme a Macher.

Air France — La Gomme a Macher from Flaminguettes on Vimeo.

It’s a soft, cohesive substance composed of polymer, plasticizer, and resin components, as well as sweeteners, flavors, colors, and, typically, a hard or powdered polyol coating.

You take it immediately following your flight until pain relief is achieved and/or hearing is restored.

Alternatively, you could just sit in a chair, bend forward, and hang your head low to the ground for a few minutes. Or just pop a Sudafed a half hour before you land.

But fancy, overpriced French gum is clearly a much better idea.