Perspectives you won’t find on travel sites that only offer advice, recommendations, and facts.

The CrosbyReport is a satirical take on travel by internationally unknown humorist, Peter Crosby.

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Don’t be fooled, this only looks like another travel blog.

The CrosbyReport is not yet another damn travel blog. You can easily Google any number of travel-related blogs online. A recent search for “travel blog” returned 3.6 billion results—yeah, with a B. That’s how many unemployed English Lit majors and failed romance novelists have already posted self-indulgent travelogues about café-hopping through Western Europe.

Peter Crosby, author of the CrosbyReport
Peter Crosby, Ignoramus.

But, what you can’t easily Google (because I’m not great at Search Engine Optimization) is my singular—and wholly unsolicited—perspective on the world’s top tourist destinations. For that, you have to read my travel reports, join the CrosbyReport mailing list, or stop by my house, which is currently in no condition to accept visitors.

The CrosbyReport is a humor blog about travel.

Why did I choose travel? Frankly, the tough part about writing jokes is coming up with topics to write jokes about. And since travel is something my wife forces me to do with shocking regularity, it gives me a steady stream of unexpected encounters, awkward interactions, and embarrassing indiscretions—enough to even write a freakin’ book.

International travel is, in a word, “comedy gold.”

After all, what other experience forcibly interjects you into the lives of strangers who speak a different language, have different customs and values, and really don’t want you around? I mean, besides an open-mic standup set at a Chinatown laundromat.

Don’t take my word for it, read the CrosbyReport yourself.

Hey, if you don’t find my travel reports at least mildly amusing, let me know on Mastodon, Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, and I’ll sulk around for days, maybe longer—that’s my solemn promise to you.*


*Guarantee not valid anywhere capable of supporting human life or lawyers.