A list of government offenses Conservatives should really be upset about.

Not that I am a fan of the slow, inexorable erosion of our Constitutionally protected freedoms or Rosie O’Donnell, but I am a fan of calling bullshit, bullshit. And lately, there’s been more bull feces flying around than at a rodeo after a dysentery outbreak. So in that pursuit, I offer Rosie’s list of offenses perpetrated by the Bush Administration that Conservatives didn’t seem to mind: | Read more »

The collaboration myth of the Open-Plan office.

Open office plans don’t really work.

The reality for those relegated to these privacy and “Feng Shui”-absent open plans is quite different than the sales pitch.

Instead of “fostering collaboration,” the open plans foster annoyances, resentment and employee defections en masse. Think I’m kidding? Here’s a quote from Scientific American’s article: Wall-free office spaces did not quite work out the way their utopian inventors intended. | Read more »

Found! The inaugural issue of The Crosby Report.

Photo of the very first issue of TheCrosbyReport

Here lies the very first issue of TheCrosbyReport. I think. It might be the second. I don't really remember. But this is proof that the CrosbyReport existed pre-Internet thereby validating my "Since 1991" claim in the masthead. | Read more »

Birds bring it, dogs and cats get served.

Ornithologists and bird-fanciers can (finally) hold their heads up high, extend their headcrest feathers and let loose a shrill “Ha, ha!” at arrogant owners of normal adorable, cuddly, and quiet pets. For centuries, bird owners have been viewed as the full-on nut-cases of Crazy Pet Owner set—more so than even the cat owners who dress theirs in matching sweaters, or the dog owners who carry theirs in a purse. But scientists now believe there is more to birds like cockatoos than just high-pitched shrieking, newspaper soiling and dirty-sounding names. | Read more »

Scrappy mega-corp triumphs over pathetic, citizen do-gooders.

FOX News. Distortions, lies and half-truths?

Now that Bush & Co. are finally out of the White House, it seems unnecessary to keep harping on the unrepentant ethical lapses occurring hourly at FOXNews. But since there seems to be no ebb to the tidal wave of biased "reporting" flooding into American homes, I feel this particular outrage merited mention again due to its spectacular sliminess. | Read more »

Freddie Hubbard dies, leaves jazz world stuck with <shudder> Wynton Marsalis.

On December 29th, Freddie Hubbard, one of the last great jazz trumpet players, died after a heart attack at age 70. Growing up, I was a huge fan of Freddie. I used to listen to his records and play along (did I mention that I started playing trumpet when I was nine? Cuz I did).  | Read more »

It's the unholy marriage of TV and the Internet (Fundamentalists, start your complaining).

Tired of watching on your stupid, tiny, computer screen? Or Netflix streaming movies on your laptop? Wish you could watch that stuff on your big-screen TV? The way “God” intended? Well, now you can. Just go to, signup and download their free app for your Intel-based Mac (or PC).  | Read more »

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