So, what the heck is the CrosbyReport?


It’s the travel blog for people who hate travel blogs.

People hate travel blogs because most travel writers suck. Why? Because they’re writers. And writers like to describe the “feeling of a scent” or the “look of a sound” and other ephemeral crap like that. Ugh, save it for your novel, Shakespeare.

The CrosbyReport™ is a different kind of travel blog.

Instead of flowery, self-indulgent prose, you get hilariously ill-informed screeds that can save you thousands of dollars on over-hyped destinations and/or lame attractions. On the CrosbyReport, you get my honest, unvarnished assessment of where we went and what we did. When things are awesome, you’ll know it. And when they’re a waste of time and money, you’ll get profanity.

Proof that I’m not in the pocket of “Big Travel.”

All travel writing on this site is done at my own personal expense or the expense of my or my wife’s employer—I don’t get any free trips or comped travel perks (but I am totally open to accepting them—contact me). In addition, the advertisements on my site are chosen—seemingly at random—by Google Adsense and not by any specific travel company or airline. So you can rest assured that I’m not compelled to say nice things for fear of losing money (because, frankly, I’m not making any). 

All this work for nothing? Who’s that dumb?

First, my name is Peter Crosby, and I’m an advertising Creative Director and Copywriter who travels fairly extensively because my wife drags me. Secondly, I own a pretty decent DSLR camera. And thirdly, there is no third thing.

Only have hours to live? Read these first.

Here are a few representative CrosbyReports that will give you an idea of what this site is all about:

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