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For years, the airlines have been perpetuating the myth that electronic devices interfere with airplane electronics, potentially causing airplanes to crash — but they should have just told us the truth.
As I’ve said before, the airline industry isn’t all that profitable. So it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to learn that some of the major airlines are trying to “optimize” their operations to eek out as much profit as possible. And who better to model yourself after than the ethical folks at Big Chicken, right?
Hey, TSA, I want my pocketknives back!
When news broke that the TSA had decided to stop stealing people’s pocket-knives, I was more than a little happy. Because over the past few years, I’d lost four — count them, FOUR — pocket-knives to sharp-eyed TSA officers bent on thwarting well-groomed fingernails.
Ness Logo
Ness is the entirely forgettable name for the greatest mobile app ever created. If that sounds like hype, that's because I’m cranked up on a Rock Star Diet energy drink at the moment. Still, that doesn’t change the fact that Ness kicks Yelp’s ass all over the surface of every planet in the known universe! (Hey, are you seeing stars, too?)
Anthony Bourdain:
I’ll be honest: I didn’t know Anthony Bourdain was a chef. I mean, I knew he went to fancy restaurants and ate a lot of food on his reality television shows, but I honestly didn’t know he was anything more than a dickish travel host. Well, he’s got a new TV show coming out where he’s…and I’m guessing here, a dickish travel host.
IATA study
When the latest IATA study came out recently, the results weren’t too surprising. Or, in truth, very good at all. As it turns out, despite ever increasing ticket prices, terrible if any perks, and customer service no better than you’d get on a bus, the airline industry still isn’t a great business to be in these days. Shocking, right?
No more miles, just money, thanks.
United Airlines and Delta have decided to end the shell game that was their frequent flyer miles program in favor of straight-up rewarding people based on their cold, hard cash expenditures. Basically, customers can only get preferential treatment now by outright paying for it.

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