Looking for colorful, evocative travel writing? Yeah, this isn’t that.

Drawing of Peter Crosby

What follows are my own personal observations and incoherent opinions regarding the many cities and countries to which I’ve been dragged. My wife’s job and travel addiction has taken me, grudgingly, to many foreign lands where I’ve taken notes and photographs to create these travel reports – mostly for my own old-age recollection, but also for the $3/month in cold hard cash that I rake in from Google Adwords. Enjoy.

Prague, Czech Republic
The former Soviet Union turned Karl Marx’s naive, utopian dream into an oppressive and corrupt regime that finally prompted the “Velvet Revolution” in 1989. And since throwing off the yolk of authoritarianism, the Czechs have been “disinclined” to pass a lot of restrictive laws – so what more reason do you need to go?
Vienna, Austria
Everything I know about the world-famous doctor, Sigmund Freud, I learned from either Mel Brooks, SNL, or my “Intro to Psych 101” class in college. All credible sources, to be sure, but I still wanted to visit the place that birthed this sex-obsessed pervert– I mean, “highly esteemed intellectual.”
Budapest on the Danube
I don’t know a lot about the history of my own people let alone the history of pre-Medieval, Uralic-speaking tribes of Central Europe, but I do know a country of serious partiers when I see them. And when a nation spends almost its entire GNP on a single soiree, you totally want to stay friends with them.
Munich/München, Germany
When you think of Germany, you probably don’t think of Munich first. Or second. Or maybe even at all. Heck, you probably don’t think of ANY particular German city. If you’re like most Americans, you probably just think of Adolf Hitler. But guess where he got his start? That’s right, Munchen.
Photo of Downtown Bangkok, Thailand
We watch a lot of Hollywood movies, so we expected Bangkok to be a horribly seedy place with a dark underworld of illegal activity where sexual deviants and unnatural acts are performed on every corner. Instead, it was an amazing city with great food and nice people. Obviously, we were pretty disappointed.